Thursday, March 28, 2013

end of the day

Odd and interesting day, all things considered.

Oh, nothing specifically useful, as such. A short work day due to a medical appointment. A lunch at a brewery prior to going into said appointment. Public transit to said appointment (with the requisite cast of freak and such). A taproom and burger after.

Funny how I find myself in conversation in beer places. I usually go with a book and a desire to read. I always find myself talking to others at the bar, often despite myself. Today was no exception. Would-be brewers with expertise voicing many opinions on beers of many sorts.

Always makes for interesting conversation. I don't consider myself an especially-gregarious person, but I do appear to have an odd knack for finding interesting conversation where beer is served.

There's worse fates.

Sucks that it's a work night. Good thing I'm drinking a couple of liters of water.

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