Friday, March 29, 2013

Is this what sanity feels like?

Bleary-eyed, I attempt to get myself into work mode on this foggy Friday morning.

For the record, every Friday is "good".

A little websurfing came across this little Kickstarter: the Tactical Pen by "Cybernetic Research Labs.


Okay, I own many pens. A few could be called "tactical", I suppose. They were a novel idea at first, but increasingly it seems that every Tom, Dick, and Cyborg out there is creating new pens with a "tactical" label.

And they're increasingly looking more and more weapon-ish.

So, back to these guys. Love the name "Cybernetic Research Labs". I wonder how many cyborgs they're researching out there in Tucson, Arizona?

Seriously, I really love the name.

The pen looks like something out of "Doctor Who". It's like a stabby Sonic Screwdriver in the drawings.

Will I get in on this? Not as my brain stands this morning.

  • I have too many goddamn pens.
  • I love my TiBolt pen too damn much.
  • If I busted this "Tactical" pen out in a meeting, I'd probably get fired.
That said, it kinda looks cool. Certainly has that whole kubaton thing going for it. Hm... maybe I'll change my mind. I have time, I guess.

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