Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Zombie Taskmaster

While perusing The Awesomer, I saw this: the Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit (T.A.S.K.)


At first, I thought "Hey! More kits of cool things!". It's two hundred bucks and has a backpack with flashlight, axe, cheap knife, etc. All the things you want for the zombie apocalypse, except food, water, and a shotgun with a ton of ammo.

Then I thought: "Hey! I already have most of these things!"

I do and, all said, most of the individual components are probably better quality in the kits I've compiled over the years. This explains why my bags are so goddamn heavy and probably why my shoulder is hosed.

Then I thought: "Fire fighter battle axe? Seriously?"

The pandering to the prepper audience is a little heavy-handed. Probably works. Alas.

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