Wednesday, April 10, 2013

more 'cause why not?

Just snacked on some caramels. That was a mistake. The sugar is now buzzing through my blood. I really should get rid of these damn things.

It's supposed to be hot for April in the Bay Area today. Parts of the area should reach the mid-80's (Fahrenheit) which I'm not looking forward to.

I should have ridden my bike this morning. I was all set to, but the Bay Area got slammed with a windstorm on Monday and was still pretty windy yesterday. The wind kicked up enough pollen to bury a civilization. I was not looking forward to inhaling more on my ride in.

Besides, my shoulder is still hosed. I'm not sure the handlebar grips will do me any favors.

It's disturbing how easily I can justify being a slacker.

So far I've learned today that:
  • I can't spell "Fahrenheit" without using spell-check.
  • The hat I brought to wear today is not going to breathe very well when it's hot.
  • The prescription allergy meds I'm using are still awesome.
  • The ergonomic chair I have at my desk makes my shoulder injury feel worse. So much for ergonomics.

The consensus seems to be that "the Rings of Akawhateverthehell" was just a crappy WTF episode. Even my more forgiving "Doctor Who" fans from the office admit that the entire story made no sense whatsoever. The first 15 minutes were fine (if you ignore the barking), making it slightly better than "The Bells of St. John". Just.

And that bar is set pretty damn low.

Honestly, I haven't seen such bad writing for "Doctor Who" since the "Love and Monsters" episode from the RTD era. Though "Love and Monsters" isn't universally reviled. There's folks out there who love that abomination. I loathe that episode so much that I can't even engage in a sane dialog on the subject, so that's that.

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