Thursday, April 4, 2013

For four

If I were not a snob and were the sort of person who drank beer out of a can, I would require - nay DEMAND - one of these.

Rain. Actual rain. Like a lot of it. Enough to require an umbrella and fear a little for my life on the freeway. This is a novel experience. It's been so long, I'd almost forgotten.

I've been loaned a novel by a friend: Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan.

It reads like an RPG campaign. I can't help but enjoy it. I'm on page 43 of 649 and this is part of a series. Apparently Sullivan self-published in ebooks this before getting picked up by a publisher for print copies.

While I'm enjoying it, I'm kind of mired in exposition at the moment. I'll probably have more to say when the plot starts to form.

After jogging a few miles yesterday, I returned home and convinced myself that I needed to undo any health benefits gained from running by making dessert.

I've already pretty-much mastered the fine art of making angel food cake from scratch. While tasty, angel food cake is a little boring and it's a bugger to shoot those little Cherubs out of the sky, skin them, and... um... yeah. You don't want details.

So I went a little towards the Dark Side and made chocolate angel food cake. I needed the practice.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The experiment was a success and I am pleased with the unhealthy results. It's not my first (or even tenth) time making such, but it's been a while. Good to know I've retained the skills.

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