Monday, April 8, 2013

Shambling forth on a Monday morn

Damn but it's windy this morning! Woke me up, on and off, all night long. If I crack open a window at all, the window blows curtains all over the damn place.

I briefly considered trying to bike ride in this morning, but that idea's gone. It was enough fun driving my car in this wind.

Remembered allergy meds today. Yay!

Between public transportation delays and side-trips to local drinking holes, I'm now on page 449 of 649 in Theft of Swords, book 1 of the Riyria Revelations, by Michael J. Sullivan.

I'm loving it. It's not highbrow by any stretch of imagination, but it's solid entertainment. I'm going to have to get the entire series now.

Wow. My "Rings of Akhatenn" review got 37 views. Huh. That's an extraordinary number of hits for my modest little blog. Hope my views didn't offend anyone.

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