Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Random musings on Doctor Who

I haven't been terribly-subtle about my feelings regarding the direction Steven Moffatt is taking for "Doctor Who".

I'm not known for being subtle, so that's okay.

Moffatt's done some solid stuff, but those are mostly in his hand-crafted single episodes. "The Empty Child" was thrilling genius. The Library eps were genuinely creepy and clever with the addition of River Song (who is now very much overdone).

I maintain that "Blink" was a masterpiece and possibly one of the best episodes I've ever seen, both old and new series inclusive.

With all that said, Moffatt's story arcs suck ass.

The Pandorica arc was ridiculous beyond words for more reasons than I care to bother rehashing. The arc covering the Silence and the mystery of River Song was slightly better. The Silence (the aliens, not the movement) are awesomely-creepy. The Silence (the movement, not the aliens) is fairly ridiculous in both its goals and its inconsistent abilities.

And the entire backstory for River Song? Overdone and very ridiculous.

I mean... (I finally Googled how to do the spoiler tags. Yay me.)
Okay, enough naysaying. I've said before that I'd love to see the Time Lords brought back in some form or another, and I think reintroducing them would help with a lot of the more contrived elements of Moffatt's story arcs.. A few thoughts:
  • The Silence (the aliens) appear to have access to TARDIS like console thingies. Make them a creation from the Time War, or perhaps debased Time Lord Morlocks of some kind. That would explain how they perform their manipulations in the story arc and it would explain the entire premise behind the Pandorica story altogether.
  • Perhaps a few other Time Lords survived and opted to withdraw into isolation. They fear/dislike the Doctor for his part in obliterating Gallifrey, but see a benefit to his wandering about and meddling. So they've been manipulating him. That would explain the shadowy beings that appear in the prequel "Webisodes" for getting the Doctor to go do things (like go to Skaro in "The Asylum of the Daleks") or the "woman in a shop" Clara interacted with off-screen.
Indeed, having two, disparate groups of Time Lord-esque factions mucking about behind-the-scenes makes the entirety of the Moffatt seasons a giant chess game with the Doctor as the main piece being used. It fits well in the "old series" mythology and it's the sort of dickish move even "good" Time Lords would pull off.

I don't know. I'm not saying I could do a better job than Moffatt has done, but as a fan, I can see an awful lot of room for improvement in the actual plot/storylines of the series.

EDIT: So Topless Robot ran this after I posted my musings. I more-or-less agree with it, FSM-help-me.

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