Saturday, April 27, 2013

Review: Nitecore Sens Mini light

One of the three Nitecore lights currently offered on ThinkGeek, the Nitecore Mini boasts of 170 lumens and a runtime of about 14 hours on the included CR2 3 volt battery (it comes with two but only needs one to operate).

So, let's get to it:
Description: The light is small. It's a mere 57mm in length. Seriously, you could accidentally swallow the thing. I've seen pills bigger than this light.

  • It's damn bright. Held horizontal to the ground, it does seem to be 170 lumens or thereabouts.
  • Held horizontal, it does fade to lower brightness (documentation says 20 lumens).
  • It's presumably got a medium setting for a medium position between horizontal and vertical. It's too bright right now to tell if that's the case, but I assume it is.
  • Activation is done by twisting the head. I kind of hate that, 'cause lights like this tend to accidentally activate when in my pocket, killing the battery.
Overall, it's a nice little light. Wish it had a button control, then I'd love it, but for what it is, it's still pretty good.

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