Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I feel obliged to excessively share my thoughts this morning

So now I have this awesome, breathable, Goorin Bros hat.

And I forget it when I leave for work.

I have to admit that part of it is timidity over the fashion change. I usually don't give a rat's ass what other people think of my fashion choices (or demonstration of a lack of fashion sense on my part) but every now and again I get twitchy.

Especially with hats. Funny how that is. I must be sensitive about it. I see folks wandering about wearing hats that seem - to me - to be odd and I immediately find I make some sort of judgment. I suppose I'm afraid of that same judgment being applied right back at me.

Which is funny, as it would probably be justified and if I thought about it, I probably wouldn't care.

That was sort of much ado about nothing, wasn't it?

I need more coffee.

No rain today.

Made muffins for myself for the week. And I forgot to add sugar.

Wow. Just... wow. Tasted like I imagine cardboard would taste. Only with blueberries.

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