Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mummy Dearest

I hate when an injury keeps me from doing the sorts of healthy recreational activites I enjoy. It's bad enough I have to hold off of martial arts (especially since I've already paid the damn non-refundable tuition) but that I can't ride my bike without experiencing problems is just damn insulting.

Getting old sucks.

Though, as I'm often told by older friends, it beats the alternative.

Today's "Worst Case Scenario" lesson is "How to Kill a Mummy". In a nutshell, use fire. There's an addendum here that I wasn't aware of. I guess you're supposed to tear the heart out of the burned shell of the mummy, burn the heart separately (again?), then scatter the ashes in the desert sands.

I suppose it always pays to be thorough when dealing with the undead.

So Zombie Tools has another blade in their list of offerings: the T'ai Fighter.

I love the names of their blades.

Until seeing this, I would swear that an Apokatana or a Zakasushi would be my next blade choice (if I ever have that much disposable income handy). Now the T'ai Fighter is neck-and-neck in my lust list.

The Apokatana is a smidge less than $400, before shipping. The Zakasushi is a drop less than $300, also before shipping. The T'ai Fighter is almost $330 (before shipping), putting it nicely between the two.

Want so badly...

Though I freely acknowledge that ain't happening for a good long while. I have to get savings built up, now that I don't have car payments. Plus need actual sundries that are more practical (new shoes, tuition, etc.).

I'll have to make due with my current supply of sharp objects, should zombies attack.

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