Friday, April 5, 2013

Smatterings of Stuff

io9 has samples from the Doctor Who animated series that never was.

io9 (specifically Charlie Jane Anders) makes it sound like the animated series would have been a bad thing, but in that I completely disagree. An animated series would enable restoration of the "lost" episodes from the Hartnell and Troughton eras and expand the adventures of the earlier Doctors a bit.

I'm sad this wasn't given a "go". I mean, sure. They'd mess up continuity with new companions and childish, weird shit, but how would that be terribly different from the modern era of farting aliens and nonsensical plots?

Ouch. I still sound bitter

They're going to re-do The Black Hole. This won't go well.

Dear President Obama. Newsflash. You won the election. Why do you insist on bending over and doing what the Republicans want? Cutting Social Security? Seriously? You think chopping funds to retired folks on limited incomes is going to in any way be a good idea?

I suppose I'm not all that surprised.

For years now I've been seeing this Self Defense night stand concept floating a bit. I swear this must be some kind of self-perpetuating joke as there never seems to be any kind of source to it.

Plus it's damn funny.

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