Thursday, April 18, 2013

Piling on the crazy

Sweet FSM but the news this week has been batshit nuts.

Boston. Good lord. Boston. I gotta say, the folks of Boston deserve props for determinedly remaining unbowed by the attack.

The news networks should be ashamed of how horribly they've handled coverage of what's going on, but let's face it: most news networks aren't used to providing actual, useful news. It's not like riding a bike and our major media networks are very out-of-shape in that regard.

The crime itself is horrifying beyond words but what's also appalling is the news attempts to puff up the story with nonsensical asides. For example, there's some Californians who ran in the race and were in no way, shape, or form injured. They were fortunate to have missed the attack by a good half hour.

So what does one network do? Interviews them ad nauseum for their point of view, as though they have anything substantive to add.

And then there's an explosion in a manure plant outside of Waco, Texas. A goddamn manure plant blew up. What. The. Hell?

And then the Senate decides to kill the gun control legislation. Yeah, thanks. They needed sixty votes for cloture, which was an insane goal with this psychotic Congress.

Oh, and then there's that Mississippi guy who was mailing out letters with Ricin powder in them. 'Cause... yeah. I dunno what that Brianiac was thinking.

Nice to see the world is adding some insanity toppings to the crazy ice cream it's eating.

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