Monday, March 31, 2014

Marching on


What a weekend!

After entering the 21st century with my piece of relatively-modern technology, I used it to get in touch with a friend of mine in my gaming group who has largely been absent from the realm of electronic communications.

Turns out there was a reason for that: he wasn't entirely sure how to tell me that he was quitting my gaming group.

In normal circumstances, that's not really a big deal but then again, I suppose it is. I've been gaming with some friends since high school (which was... a not inconsiderable amount of time ago). I can imagine that was a fun decision to make.

I suppose this is a hint that I should grow up a bit and focus less on my table-top gaming and more on real life issues that I've been neglecting.

Can't say I like that notion, but growing up is not a painless process.

And there's a weird sense of loss in this. The game was more than just a distraction. It's served as a sort of glue for some of my older friendships. Whether intended or not, this is going to impact that one friendship. It's a bit depressing.

Fun times.

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