Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A hail of bullet (points)

  • Got the wireless router working. I'm slowly stumbling into the outer edges of the 21st century! Woo-hoo!
  • I have yet to see Disney's Frozen (though I've seen the clip with the "Let it Go" song) but I find myself fascinated with the sort of impact the film has made. Mostly I'm fascinated by the positive reactions to the sibling relationship that apparently forms the core of the story. It's also interesting that some of the LGBT community is so strongly embracing the main character of Elsa. Then there's the fan art. A personal favorite I've seen (SFW).
  • So NASA says we're doomed. Guess it's time to unload any long-term stocks and buy a bunker. If I had stocks. And any chance of surviving the collapse of society.
  • These Malaysian flight 370 stories are getting kind of nuts. I really hope we find out what happened to that flight soon. Those families deserve to know what happened to their loved ones.
  • Five reasons to consider a no-strings-attached basic income for all Americans. I have to admit I find this a compelling argument.
  • Hm. I wonder if I should get an actual smartphone? Perhaps this 21st century technology is making me all giddy...


Erik Appel said...

Evil Overlord Rule 34 : I will not turn into a giant snake [also serpent or dragon]. It never helps.

J said...


Personally, I think it's also unwise to mess around with the wizard-lady who can MAKE ICE.

That can't possibly go well.