Monday, March 17, 2014

Erin go bragh

  • Everyone's (cliched) Irish today. WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  • Finished "Redshirts" by John Scalzi on Friday. That was one goddamn hysterical and weird book. Excellent read. Nice job with the "Star Trek" tropes. Funny and thought-provoking at the same time. Just what I needed when I was having beers.
  • I've already rambled plenty over Veronica Mars. The long-and-the-short of it is that if you enjoyed the TV series at all, you're going to like this movie. Probably a lot. Sassy, funny, clever, and a couple of neat plot twists. It was like a long TV episode only without TV's restrictions on language and hand gestures.
  • Freakishly-hot weather here in California. My allergies are beating the unholy shit out of me this morning. On the plus side, it's rum-drinks weather. *ahem*... yeah, that's probably not really a thing.
  • So it's Monday. If you feel a burning need to get into the right frame of mind (meaning: facing gibbering horror), check out this video. If possible, watch it in the dark. It's entirely possible you won't need coffee. You might need a change of shorts. Sort of depends on your threshold, I suppose.
  • Yesterday was a full moon. Today's St. Patrick's Day. Yeah. That's going to go really well.

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