Saturday, March 15, 2014

Veronicrapped out

Out of a perverse desire to fuel my continuing rage over the clusterfuck that is this Veronica Mars Kickstarter, I've been following some of the coverage and the Kickstarter itself.

It's nice that folks are enjoying the film. I suppose I would have if I were inclined to go to a theater. I might have, had the Kickstarter not gone so far south.

Now I want really nothing to do with the goddamn film. The company backing this (Warner Brothers? Some fucking group of assholes like that) are offering a refund of Kickstarter funds if there's receipts that we've bought the film through iTunes or Amazon. Alternately they're offering $10 back.


I understand the various arguments in Kickstarter comments that I shouldn't hold Rob Thomas responsible for this, but I do - at least in part. He's experienced with all of this. He knew what was going on. The very fact there were "extra staff" on hand to "address difficulties over the Flixter downloads" meant that Thomas or his backers (or both) knew this was going to turn into shit.

I'm honestly too angry to try to get the damn film and watch it. I may never watch it. I hold grudges and I'm pretty goddamn pissed off right now.

Bah. I really need to take a walk or something and not let this crap get to me.

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