Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Eleventh Doctor is kind of a creep

One of the most disturbing elements I've found of "Series Seven" of "Doctor Who" has been the slow-but-steady progression to make Smith's Doctor a really creepy character.

Spoilers are littered about my observations. I'm not going to bother to mask the text as this isn't an episode review, so be warned.

Still there? Okay...

So the Eleventh Doctor comes into being amidst explosions and his TARDIS freaking the hell out. He meets a little girl and helps her out, then orbits her life to meet her again when she's older and more mature. He ties his life to hers, makes certain she gets together with the guy who is crazy about her. He's pretty much got the Ponds as his pet humans.

Then things take a turn for the douchy. The Doctor finds out that River Song, the smug, time-traveling Mary Sue from his future is actually the Time Lady-esque daughter of Amy and Rory. Conceived in the TARDIS, she has special Time Lord-fu.

The Doctor occasionally makes out with her, which is a special brand of creepy as she's not only centuries younger than him, but a different species and the daughter of his best friends. Okay, all that said, the moment comes when they get married. But even when that happens, the Doctor treats the entire thing as a means to humor a nutjob. He is contemptuous of River throughout the entire experience and clearly treats the entire matter as a joke.

Cue ahead a few adventures. Amy and Rory fall victim to one of the Doctor's many foes and are hurled back in time.

The Doctor, at this point, sinks into a terrible depression and isolates himself from everyone.

Nevermind the Doctor has had companions die before (though Adric was sort of a dork, the Doctor did seem fond of him). The Doctor out-lives humans. He's a millennium old. You'd think he'd accept that. Plus, Amy and Rory are hurled back in time. The Doctor is a freakin' time-traveller! Even with arbitrary and contrived bullshitty rules in place, he can travel in time! Okay, so he can't take the TARDIS to them. He could take the TARDIS to a hundred miles from them and hail a cab or something to say "hi". If there's contrived bullshit to keep him from taking them out of those timelines... well, okay. Leave them be. Whatever floats your boat, Doc.

Flash to Victorian England. The Doctor is sulking with very, very understanding friends who humor the fact that the Doctor has regressed to being an emotional 8-year-old. He meets Clara-the-Barmaid. Vastra teases the Doctor after he ditches Clara as though the Doctor is out trolling for a date.

Mind you, I don't understand what the Doctor was even doing walking around when he met Clara. If he was isolating himself from everyone, why leave the TARDIS at all? Hell, why go to Earth? Why not just land on the Moon or something?

Whatever. He's in a sulk, then Clara comes along. The Doctor gets involved and everyone sneers that it's due to Clara's pretty face. Then Clara is killed.

Then the Doctor goes off the freak-end. He becomes convinced Clara isn't properly dead (despite the fact she's died twice around him) and jaunts off in the TARDIS to find her like the creepiest of creepy stalkers. He finds her (more than once) and immediately pants around her like a teenage boy around his first crush. He comes off like... well... a teenage boy or a creepy molester with a van and convinces this clearly-not-too-bright incarnation of Clara to jaunt off with him. There's constant flirting and the Doctor's obsession over this "mystery" surrounding Clara that's a bit hard to follow. I mean, the Doctor knows he has enemies out there. Enemies with access to time travel (hello the Silence) and they like doing traps. What possesses him to think Clara is anything other than a trap? And if she is, why do the whole game around her? He's convincing himself she's normal but he's also convincing himself he's not. He sounds like a raving psycho in every episode and in the latest, he sounds like a freakin' lecher when he's fantasizing about her skirt.

Moffatt has turned the Doctor into the Creep. And this does not please me.

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