Thursday, May 30, 2013

Review: Best Made Light Waxed Cruiser

I bought the Best Made Company Light Waxed Cruiser in a moment of insanity to distract myself from life stuff.

I do that a lot. It's a bad habit, but it's gotten me some really interesting things.

This is one of them.

The Cruiser is a lightweight coat that's perfect for Spring or Autumn weather but also is remarkably useful in a San Francisco summer. It breathes nicely and has a good fit.

And the pockets. Sweet FSM, the pockets! I can cram nearly everything I normally carry in the two snap pockets. There's hand-warmer pockets on the chest, which is a bit awkward, but works out okay and fits small things (like a pack of gum or whatever). And then there's the vast interior space.

The jacket as two deep interior pockets that ultimately connect to the big game pocket in back. Just in case you want to smuggle most of your belongings with you for some reason.

I've easily crammed in a big book with nary a bulge in the coat.

The coat's construction is really solid. Lots of reinforced snaps and good material. It also comes with a small tin of wax. Y'know, for the "waxed" part of the "Light Waxed Cruiser" description.

It's my first purchase from Best Made Company and I have to say I'm really impressed. The coat isn't cheap, but I have not felt even a moment of buyer's remorse. I'm glad I got it and now resent the warm weather a bit, as it's not currently comfortable weather for such a coat.


Rick said...

You're one of the few hands on reviews of this jacket I've found. Thanks for posting it up. Any chance I could get a fit pick? I'm curious since the only pictures I've been able to locate are the Best Made model shots.


Rick said...

Hey if this is a duplicate I apologize but...

I was curious if you could post some fit pics. You're the only personal review of this jacket I've found and there seems to be no pictures out there except for the Best Made product shots.