Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tasty Beerness and not-tasty heat

Beers with a good friend last night for her birthday. I love finding new and interesting beer-serving establishments. Especially when their beer selection is most tasty.

Add in excellent service and friendly staff, and it's a dream meal of tasty fermented awesome.

Unseasonably-hot weather. I hate it.

Found myself in a surreal situation yesterday with strangely-warm weather in San Francisco. I'm on a patio, having the aforementioned beers and the rest of the folks in the patio area were sufficiently chilled by the not-quite-sunlit patio to respond positively when the efficient server turned on the heaters.

When I whined that I'll never understand folks in the City, my dinner guest made excellent points that I'd missed about fashion choices that contributed to the situation. I'm getting blind and dense in my old age. Or I was overly-focused on tasty beer. Not ruling either out, really.

BART ride home. Belligerent nutjob on my train. Clearly he was on drugs. I always wonder where the increased BART police presence is at these times.

One nice thing about the hot weather: my morning bike rides are freakin' fantastic.

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