Friday, May 3, 2013


The Preciousss is crippled.

I first noticed something was wrong when an indicator light flared on my console on the one day I drove this week.

The manual (I RTFM, when the occasion calls for it) told me it's an indicator of low tire pressure. The tires looked fine to me. Worried, I took the Preciousss in yesterday.

Goddamn nail in the side of the tire.

If you're unfamiliar with tire damage, damage to the side can't be repaired. It requires a replacement.


So the tire is on backorder (the joys of having a popular car and living in an area with a ridiculous amount of construction going on).

The plus is that it's forcing me to ride my bike more.

The minus is that I kind of need my car this weekend to go places that are not conveniently-bike-able. I'm not about to take the Preciousssss on the freeway with the spare. That's heaps of stupid.

Plus, I really didn't need the added expense of a new tire at this point.

This week has been quite the roller-coaster of ups and downs. I'm hoping the day holds an "up" in it.

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