Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review: The Ridge Front Pocket Wallet

One of the myriad Kickstarters I backed was one of those RFID-blocking wallet concepts known as "The Ridge".

Mine arrived the other day.

I'm a sucker for a nice wallet concept and I have to admit the aesthetics of The Ridge appealed to me.

The pictures don't quite do it justice, however.

The Ridge is a small thing, barely larger than my cards, giving it a very slim profile in my pocket. I'm barely aware the thing is there, truth be told. Though comparing against the beast of a wallet I usually carry is an unfair comparison.

It's a pair of metal plates (I opted for Titanium) (I'm a crackhead... I got aluminum) held together by integrated elastic strips that seem quite sturdy. You can opt for a money-clip on the side.

The little bugger has some serious capacity. I crammed all my cards into it as a test run and it handled it fine. This may be my "fancy outings" wallet, when there's a need.

The Kickstarter is, of course, over and funded. The makers have a site now: I recommend perusing and seeing if there's a style that appeals. It's a nice wallet for folks who want to keep their cards and travel light.

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