Saturday, May 18, 2013

Review: Iron Man 3

Aaaaah... good times.

So I saw Iron Man 3 this afternoon. That was a fun movie.

Set in the aftermath of The Avengers, Tony Stark is being Tony Stark when the villainous terrorist known as The Mandarin strikes. Hilarity ensues in the form of untraceable explosives and super-human soldiers who put Stark on the ropes for a bit, but it's hard to keep an Iron Man down.

Yeah, I'm being dodgy with the plot details. I don't really want to spoil anything. Iron Man 3 was a solid popcorn film. Interesting comic-booky plot with good action sequences and some surprisingly-engaging asides. I was especially shocked by watching scenes with a tween-age kid that not only didn't annoy me, but I actually liked the kid and thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic between him and Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark. Those small details raised this film out of the mediocre category for me.

Solid film. I highly recommend it and look forward to comparing it against Star Trek: Into Darkness when I have a chance.

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