Friday, March 25, 2011

The Right Hook

I saw SuckerPunch.

In brief: I liked it.

Expanded: It's essentially Alice in Wonderland meets Inception in a mental institution.

And Zack Snyder dresses up his girls like fetish dolls.

The plot was bizarre and the dialog was corny, but let's face it: if you saw the trailer, you didn't go expecting Shakespeare. Nice twist at the end.

And the effects were dazzling. Seriously dazzling.

I regret nothing.

[Edit] To be clear: SuckerPunch is pretty much brain candy. It creates brain cavities.

Mmm... brain candy...

The plot was pretty f*cked up and very trashy. The story is told in three levels. The first two levels are decidedly boring. The third, FX-heavy, level was worth the price of admission.

If you like ridiculous FX-laden battle scenes out of an insane video game, this is the movie for you.[/Edit]

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