Friday, December 16, 2016

Review: Dango Wallet

Third of my glut of Kickstarters I backed, I got the Dango Products T1 "Tactical Wallet".

I swear to God, I can't resist these "tactical" thingies. I think it's because they simultaneously appeal to the kid in me who wanted to be James Bond and because they almost-always have a bottle opener and/or screwdriver.

After I got back from my trip last month, the T1 was waiting for me in my held mail.

The Dango wallets come in two flavors: the "Dapper" wallet and the "Tactical" one. The difference really is that the Tactical one has bezels and includes a multi-tool.

The wallet is an aluminum frame with a leather pocket on one side. The entire affair is held together by a silicone band. The frame has an integrated bottle opener on one end and can be used as a glass-breaker. The multi-tool can extend and sort of lock to let someone partially-extend the tool while using the wallet as a handle or to remove the tool altogether for its other functions.

The multi-tool has all sorts of things one might find on a wallet-tool: saw, blade, wrenches, pry-tip, screwdriver, and yet another bottle opener.

Huh. I just realized there's a second bottle opener. And my average goes up again.

The wallet itself is a work of art. It's freakin' gorgeous. It's designed to hold about eight or nine cards with the multi-tool. I've managed to push my T1 a little beyond what it's intended to hold and cram nearly all my cards in, with liberal use of the silicone band. I may get a Dapper wallet as a second or as a backup as I think I've overdone it on how many cards I've got in.

I carry too much crap.

Still, this is a damn fine wallet. Worth the money and I found Dango Products to be an excellent Kickstarter to back. Charlie Carroll, the creator, had excellent communication and seemed to have his act together. I'd back another by him.

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