Monday, December 26, 2016

Punchy on Boxing Day

Aaaah... vacation.

What have I done today?

Hm. I've:
  • Re-watched The Return of the Jedi. Again. It really doesn't stand up to repeat-views.
  • Made pasta sauce.
  • Eaten Thai food.
  • Spent far too much time on the Internet.
  • Spent far too much time on laundry.
  • Made pasta noodles.
  • Enjoyed a glass of High West Campfire that was probably a little more full than it ought to be.
Looking back, not a terribly productive day. I meant to go jogging, but it's goddamn cold outside and I'm feeling simultaneously wimpy and whiny. Also I think I'm fighting a cold. I'm sure the whiskey will help with that.

In fairness, I thought the Thai food was going to help with that too. Get some spicy Pad Kee Mau and watch the germs flee in terror from hot peppers.

I'm sure there's valid science there. Then again, I have had a lot of whiskey.

If I have my druthers, I may actually do some housecleaning tomorrow.

WTF are "druthers" anyway? Google says "a person's preference in a matter.". WTF?

English is a goddamn weird language.

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