Friday, December 16, 2016

Review: The B.A.T.

It's a running gag among my friends to ask me how many bottle openers I have on my person at any given time. The average is five or six.

I backed a Kickstarter: The B.A.T. and now the average went up a bit.

I forgot how the B.A.T. came to my attention, but once I saw it, I decided I had to back it.

I'm a sucker for little multi-tools and the B.A.T. looks like something Bruce Wayne might have in his coin purse.

The Kickstarter delivered about a week ago and I've had a little time with the B.A.T. as I struggle with how to carry it and not lose it.

As billed, the B.A.T. (Bring Anywhere Tool) is a tiny thing. About the size of a quarter. It looks like a Batman tool and covers a variety of functions. It's got a Phillips screwdriver, a flat-head screwdriver, a saw edge, a fire rod scraper, a wire stripper, a scribe tip (whatever that is), a cutter, and - of course - a bottle opener.

The creator, Covert Products Group, wins kudos from me for writing the most entertaining updates I've ever seen on Kickstarter. While infrequent, each update was written like a spy-novel short story. Damn entertaining.

In-all, I'm glad I backed this one. It's a nice little tool and looks cool.

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