Friday, December 16, 2016


I swear to God that 2016 cannot end soon enough.

Now the FBI and CIA are saying the Russians messed with our election to get Trump into office.

I question what the hell Putin is thinking putting an unstable nutjob in a position of getting nuclear codes. They can't be that good of friends.

I distract myself with "Babylon's Ashes", book six of The Expanse series by James. S.A. Corey. I've got a little over a hundred pages left. Not quite four-fifths done. This book is kicking my ass.

After, I think I'll get back to "Good Intentions" by Elliot Kay. Nothing says fun like a story of an everyday guy who winds up with a succubus and an angel as his two girlfriends and lovers.

After that, I've got "Wrath" by John Gwynne, ending his four-part series of pseudo-Celtic insanity. Then either I go to "Natural Consequences" (sequel to "Good Intentions") or flip to "The Plague of Swords" by Miles Cameron (fourth book of the Red Knight series).

I like having so many options after a dry stretch of no reading material.

Rogue One came out today. I'm slated to see it next week sometime. I'm hoping it's good. The intros I've seen don't really give me a strong "Star Wars" feel, so I'm reserving judgment. That said, I was very pleasantly surprised by The Force Awakens, so Rogue One could be good. Hard to say. Unfortunately, it's also a prequel and I generally hate prequels.

Oh well. Nobody's putting a blaster to my head and making me go see it.

I actually just re-watched The Force Awakens. Damn, that flick is entertaining. Gotta say I love it more I watch it, and that's a rare thing. It's not a perfect movie, certainly, but it's entertaining.

Done with my Xmas shopping. Even managed some semi-decent stocking-stuffers. At least that's done.

And now another cold snap settles on the Bay Area. Supposed to dance along freezing temps later. Gotta say I'm liking the winter weather we're getting. Some nice rain storms followed by some proper cold weather. I'd think the world was getting back to sane except for the fact that the world is anything but.

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