Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: Earth Runners - Minimalist Outdoor Sandals

As part of my addiction to Kickstarter, coupled with a need for new summer footwear, I backed the Earth Runners Minimalist Outdoor Sandals project.

They arrived.

The sandals (I got the Birkenstock tread version) are quite comfortable while still giving that "barefoot" feeling that Vibram Five Fingers give. The lacing system is interesting and clever. I strolled about in them for a bit and found them quite to my liking.

My only complaint (such as it is) is that the delrin clips used to secure the laces tends to pop-off on one of my sandals. Might be not really be an issue. I suppose time will tell. If it becomes too troublesome, I'll look into getting a replacement clip from them. The lacing system looks pretty simple for replacing the clip, if needs be.

The sizing and grip are otherwise perfect for my mutant feet.

Another awesome Kickstarter, in my opinion.

They have an actual site here: Earthrunners. If the simulated barefoot footwear concept is your thing, I suggest checking them out.

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