Thursday, July 25, 2013

Karmic Squall

I'm riding my bike home. Peaceful as can be. I'm about a mile into the ride when... "POP!" Followed by: "Hissssss...."

Fuck. My tire went flat. Badly. Ye gods.

Four miles later, I'm home to a chat with some folks I know. The other day, some of us got to witness a sadly mentally-ill associate have a complete meltdown. It was... epic and very disturbing. We compared notes today about that and I learned things are worse than I'd known. Yeah. This week is a non-stop drug education. Drug abuse can be a horrific thing but when drugs are necessary, oh boy are they necessary.

While that's all getting sorted out, I'd really like the impacted parties to move elsewhere. Like Maine.

Yeah, I'm callous and uncaring. I also just saw someone who was a part of my life get buried and I will admit that's colored my worldview a little.

It never rains, it pours. And life just has the occasional squall.

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