Saturday, July 6, 2013

Gluttony and Sloth honored

Aaah, the laziness of a four-day weekend.

I only left my apartment on the Fourth ever so briefly to have lunch at my local watering hole ("lunch" was fairly liquid, but that's no surprise) as I finished reading River of Stars by Guy Gavriel Kay. Nice story. Kind of a choppy ending. Not quite as enjoyable as Under Heaven but still a good read. Am now re-reading an old classic I enjoy: The Man Who Used the Universe by Alan Dean Foster. Good, clean fun there.

Actually gotten some housecleaning done, which is the only non-sloth-or-gluttonous activity I've managed. Even my car hasn't been touched since Sunday. I'm aiming for a whole week of not driving so as to see what that does with my monthly gas bill.

The heat wave broke with the visit of the summer fog to the Bay Area. Much welcome, in my book. Coupled with that, the BART strike is on hiatus until early August. It's nice to have BART back just in time for pending celebrations in the City next week and the week after.

So now I must decide: do I watch more "Person of Interest" or read more brain candy sci-fi or just websurf?

Mine is a difficult life.

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