Sunday, July 14, 2013

Home bartending

In an effort to master the find art of the cocktail, I find myself experimenting on a Sunday afternoon. I am free of family responsibilities today and unexpectedly free of schedule too.

I have a copy of Beachbum Berry Remixed and have been thinking of trying to make some of the drinks within. I happen to have all the stuff needed for a Hurricane.

Per the book:

2 oz fresh lemon juice (fresh squeezed as of yesterday)
2 oz passion fruit syrup (I used passion fruit juice)
4 oz dark Jamaican rum (I used Cuban rum and decided 4 oz would kill me so it's a smidge less)
Pour into a glass with crushed ice. My blender doesn't crush ice as well as I'd like, but all-said it's turned out well.
By "well" I mean "it's a miracle I can type right now". Glad I don't have to drive anywhere today and I'm glad I shaved down the rum a bit. Ye gods...
Tastes delicious, though.

Probably an unwise maneuver on a work night...

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