Friday, July 12, 2013

Review: Brew Shoes

I saw the Brew Shoes in an ad I got from Duluth Trading Company. It's summer and I've pretty much thrashed the hell out of my regular slip-on shoes. My Earth Runners had not yet shipped (and, being a Kickstarter, I expected them to be delayed). I had a Duluth coupon so boom. Got a pair.

Thoughts: The Brew Shoes are a great idea. I got "The Walter", if the Duluth page is accurate. Nice, canvas shoes. Cool for warm days and comfortable enough. The sizing is a little off. I found I had to exchange the pair I got for the next half-size up and the new size is pretty much perfect.

The tred is a little slippery, but given that it's in the form of multiple beer bottle shapes, I can forgive that. After a minute of wearing them, I pretty much forget I have them on.

Overall, I'd say these are worth the purchase. I found the site later and was intrigued to discover they weren't a Duluth creation but were actually made by this Brewshoes company and they offer different types of shoes.

Intriguing stuff. I'd recommend giving them a look. My brew shoes are my current go-to footwear when I am moving quickly out-the-door. Assuming I remember to put shoes on at all.

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