Monday, June 24, 2013

Wherein I talk more about beer... and other stuff

  • Our rainstorm was a bust. Big shock.
  • Last day of cat-sitting.
  • Computer issues. The fun never stops. Why is it so hard to have technology that works?
  • Found that I'd set aside some brownie bites from a lunch thing on Friday. SNACKS! JOY!!! Wonder if they're stale...? Wonder if I care?
  • When not cat-sitting over my weekend, I spent a lot of time communing with the beer gods. At least one of those times was a visit to Brotzeit Lokal, a new biergarten along the Oakland waterfront.
    A bit difficult to initially find (and a locale that pretty much requires driving or bike riding), Brotzeit Lokal has a delightful selection of German and local beers as well as some Belgian offerings. Their food is outstanding. One of the chefs comes from Chop Bar (a wonderful eatery in the Jack London Square area) and it shows. I had the burger (Chop Bar does an outstanding burger) and Brotzeit Lokal's burger was heavenly. The fries... oh God. Unreal.
    The view is also outstanding (provided you snag an outside seat under the umbrella and you have one of those rare clear days).

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