Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blather bother and babble

  • Cleaning crew keeps screwing around with my desk. It's getting annoying. Hm. Maybe it's the NSA. Heh.
  • Yesterday, while going to get my laundry, I found an elderly neighbor had slipped on the steps and was unable to stand. Thankfully he was not injured and I was able to help him get to his apartment, but... damn. How long would he have been there if I hadn't crossed his path? Scary stuff.
  • Watching the media and the government spin into crazy-land over Snowden is providing me with amusement. I look forward to the inevitable Hollywood takes on this. Sure, they'll mostly make out Snowden as a bad guy (probably chased by Tom Cruise) but who knows? Over 100K people signed a White House petition to pardon Snowden. Seems to me that indicates the public is pretty concerned about spying by the government and privacy protections.
  • Why is it only Wednesday? Why?

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