Monday, June 3, 2013


So by now the news is everywhere: Matt Smith is handing in his bow tie at the conclusion of the 2013 Xmas special and regenerating into lord-knows-who.

Let the insane frothing of fandom start on who will be the next Doctor. Will we pander to the mobs or go against expectations? I'm not sure I care anymore at this juncture.

I will say that the best suggestion I've heard thus far is for Peter Dinkledge to take over as the Doctor. If it were not for the fact that he IS Tyrion Lannister, I'd say he'd be the only choice.

No, I think the best possible option right now is someone a little intense and scary. Ian McShane.

C'mon, you know it would work. Get a Swearengen-esque Doctor with some kind of scary sword-cane swagger-stick and a dark suit walking into a room and watch Daleks wet themselves in fear. Then maybe bring back the Master played by Rutger Hauer and you're in for nothing but good times.

I'd like to claim that's all my idea, but this mainly comes from a good friend of mine who is as rabid about Doctor Who as I am (perhaps more).

Spent the weekend outside of the man-cave for the most part. The world is a strange place. In-between drinking holes, I encountered people and I have found them delightful and weird. I hit Off The Grid at Fort Mason in San Francisco for dinner Friday night. We got buzzed by a surveillance drone while eating bacon burgers with bacon bouquets of bacon that were trying to stop my heart. It was delightfully 21st Century.

Went to a going-away-party for my Doctor Who friend on Saturday that wound up at Forbidden Island in Alameda. Mai tais are always a good conclusion to an evening.

I was on a multi-national stretch of the bar. At one point I was sitting by an Australian, a Canadian, and an Irishman and his Italian wife. The Australian baited the bar manager with trash talk over Star Trek and there was some classic 1960's "Batman" on the tv screen.

I tell you, can life get much better? I don't think so.

Of course, now I'm broke and a good couple of weeks away from my next paycheck.


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