Saturday, April 1, 2017

Been a while

I've really let time slide by. Let's see, what can I add?

I got a sheath for my Tainto. It makes me happy and makes my now-discontinued Zombie Tools knife look all that more badass.

I got about halfway through Michael Wisehart's "The White Tower" before realizing I just couldn't get into it. It's not a bad book, all said. Wisehart's an okay writer. But the characters are all the sorts I've seen before. The plot is predictable. I just couldn't find myself all that interested and shelved it.

Spring has sprung. Allergies are gonna suck soon. They've already started to worm their way around my daily allergy meds a tiny bit.

Yeah, I got nuthin'. Life's kind of dull, which isn't entirely bad. When I turn on the news, I see just how exciting things can get and I'm kind of happy with dull for now.

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