Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dog-pile week

Last week sucked. Goddamn Daylight Saving Time kicked in and just stomped all over my brain. I've been disoriented every damn morning I've woken up.

And now I've gone on the wagon.

For reasons, I'm taking a break from alcoholic beverages of all kinds for at least one week. I want to see if this helps with some health issues.

And, of course, I decided to do this on Saint Patrick's Day. Timing is everything.

It's sobering (pun intended) to realize what a part social drinking is in my life. Usually I hit a brewery on a weekend, if I can. I haven't today and it's felt weird. I feel as though I'm not doing something I really ought to be doing. There's doubtless a joke in there somewhere. Sadly.

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