Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Berry Cake Experiment

My mom makes an awesome berry cake.

She uses frozen blackberries and somehow makes it light, fluffy, sublime, and tasty. Not too sweet. Just perfect.

So I got the recipe from her last time I saw her. On a whim, I tried making it earlier (see my KHAAAAAANNN!!!! posts).

So... yeah. Some mishaps in putting it together. First of all, I didn't let the butter thaw enough, so when I used the mixer, chunks of sugar and butter went all over the goddamn kitchen. Then I decided to use frozen blueberries instead of blackberries. And the pan I used is a smidge bigger than what the recipe calls for.

Oh, and I forgot to add baking powder.

So the outcome:
  • It's kinda flat. Forgetting the baking powder will do that. At least I didn't add baking soda. That's always a fun mistake to make.
  • The berries didn't sink properly. I think the consistency is a bit off.
  • I baked it for less time. Turned out to be a good call...
  • Tastes good! I decided not to add all the sugar the recipe calls for and that was a good call.
All-in-all, not a bad first try. I'm glad I remembered to grease the pan. Cleanup was easy, though I dread the bits of sugar I missed and the ant issues that will ensue.

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