Thursday, April 6, 2017

Another crack appears

My gaming group has been going strong for... well... a long time. A very long time. Some of the players I've got in my group I've known for more than half my life.

And I'm "gettin' on in years" as Grandpa used to say. (He never actually used to say that, but I find it funny to attribute the saying to him all the same.)

In the last few years, we've started bleeding players. One-by-one, we've had players drop out of the game. Each had his own reasons and I respect them. We managed to get one player into our group for a time, but that didn't work out.

And so now our group is about half of what it once was. Maybe a shade less.

And it's making things hard.

One of my players just asked availability for the next month's game. The discussion began and we started to realize that our little group can't get together again until mid to late summer.


That's a bit of a blow, given we normally aim to play monthly.

I guess real life is finally catching up with us.

Fucking sucks.

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