Thursday, June 19, 2014

Review: How to Train your Dragon 2

Just came out of a late-afternoon/early-evening viewing of How to Train Your Dragon 2. In all fairness, I have three pints of tasty beer and a very well-made BLT in my belly right now, so... perspective.

This movie made me very happy. Very happy.

The movie starts five years after the first movie ended. Hiccup and friends are now in their early 20's by all accounts. Hiccup is being evasive when it comes to any responsibility and going out to goof off with his dragon.

Then stuff happens.

The plot really doesn't matter. It's kind of rocky, when you look at it, but for all that I enjoyed the film. It has some surprisingly-intense moments for a children's film (spoiler alert: someone dies). The villain is weak tea, but the dragons are kind of awesome. Plus Hiccup has a fire sword. Don't ask.

All-in-all a thoroughly-enjoyable film. I may see it again in theaters and I will definitely add it to my DVD collection when the time comes.

Two swords up!

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