Friday, June 20, 2014

Gear for the Zombie-NSA apocalypse

Yeah... I struggled with that headline. In my defense, I've only had one cup of coffee.

Moving on...

So, Kickstarter's got some interesting projects underway that I wanted to give a shout-out:

  • The KLAX ("It's more than just an axe"). A multi-tool detachable axe-head with a clamping system allowing you to use pretty much any chunk of wood as a handle. Depending on the model, you get options:
    • The Feller gives you a scraper on top of the basic axe function. Can serve as a hammer as well. Secured to a handle by a screw and paracord.
    • The Woodsman does the same, but has an adjustable clamp for securing to a handle.
    • The Lumberjack (cue the Monty Python song...) is where the juicy stuff is at: wrenches, hex-driver, and bottle opener beyond the scraper/hammer/axe-blade functionality. Plus it's got the adjustable clamp thingie.
    • The Ti-KLAX. A Lumberjack only in titanium. Drool.
    Use? Zombie apocalypse. Price? Not too bad unless you start looking at titanium. Then... ye gods. They're funded and more, so this is a thing.
  • The Recon 6 ("World’s First 14-in-1 Adventure & Survival Recon Watch"). As the tagline says, it's a watch that can do a ton of other stuff. James Bond would swoon over this. It's got a multi-tool, a bottle opener, a little blade, a can opener, a fire-striker, a whistle, a signal mirror, a fire starter, fishing wire, magnifying glass, flashlight... and so on. And it can tell time (duh). I'm not clear if the watch is waterproof or not. Use? Zombie apocalypse. Price? Not cheap. At time of writing this post, they're still about $35K away from funding. I hope they make it.
  • The Visor ("Stealth Hoodie-Face Guard Hood with Clear Vision"). From the people who made The Shield Tech Hoodie (glorious bit of garb) and The Shield Tech Jacket comes yet another hoodie from Avid Union. In a nutshell, it's a hoodie that zips up to completely obscure the face while still allowing the wearer to see out. Thus, you too can be a superhero and/or ninja while avoiding all those pesky facial-recognition-software cameras out there. Way to fight the Machine!. Use? NSA countering. Not sure if zombies will care. Price? Affordable. At time of writing this post, they're about $5K away from funding. I'm guessing they'll make it.

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