Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Getting Belted

Saw this belt on Uncrate. I approve of the concept, but it makes me sad that nobody ever seems to take these fancy belts to the next level and make 'em money belts. Seriously, how hard would it be to stick a little zipper or velcro pouch in there?

Actually, kinda hard if you have no skill in sewing or alterations. I know. I've tried.


Josh Orth said...

the problem for me with tool belts is, i have skinny hips... when i take off my belt, my pants fall off ... :D

totally with you on the money-belt pocket idea though

J said...

Yeah, but belt-buckle tools are kind of last-ditch things, at least from my perspective.

If I'm going for my belt-buckle tool, I'm kind of not worrying about my pants falling down (though that's less of an issue these days).

Plus a belt-buckle bottle-opener has the added bonus of being insanely-awkward for people to watch. I perversely enjoy that.

But money belts. I mean, any time you can add hidden pockets is only a good thing in my world.


Tool money belts. Someone needs to make this a thing and do a good job of it.