Thursday, May 19, 2011


What a bizarre week.

No sooner am I back from a long weekend in the Pacific Northwest, then I'm hit with rain and cold worthy of March... and it's mid-May. My allergies dogpile on me and work me over like thugs with baseball bats.

It seems like pretty much everything I'm touching yesterday and today is breaking. Software, garments, electronics, you-name-it. I've apparently exhausted all the good luck I used over my long weekend.

And I pulled something in my back. I have no idea how.

On the plus side, it's a short week for me.

I'm now caught-up on both "Dr. Who" and "Game of Thrones".

This latest season of "Dr. Who" is brilliant beyond words. They haven't had a dud episode yet.

The "Game of Thrones" adaptation is pretty awesome too. They just got to a scene with a major confrontation between House Stark and House Lannister. The scene went differently than in the books, but I think they handled it okay. I'm very amused with my associates who have not read the books and are trying to predict what's going to happen.

It's very hard for me to keep my peace.

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