Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Beer has a New Home

With the last bits of some money I came into that hasn't otherwise gone into savings and similarly-important matters, I obtained a second Stein of Science.

Why a second one?

Well, this one is "rugged".

Wait. Let me back up.

So the Steins of Science are dewars (vacuum-sealed glass, thermos-like containers... think high-quality thermoses). My previous stein has a metal shell, but I know all-too-well how fumble-fingered I am when washing my drinking vessels. I wanted something with a slightly better chance of surviving me.

Plus it's always nice to have a backup and a "carry elsewhere" stein that I can show off to the envy of others.

So yesterday I got a 655 ml "Rugged Full Metal Jacket" Stein of Science (and more Black Blood of the Earth... I have a minor chemical dependency, I think).

I'm actually "baptizing" my rugged stein with a pint of Smithwick's as I type this.

It's interesting to drink around the extended lip of the rugged stein. I can see I may develop a literal drinking problem, but that's hardly news to anyone who has had drinks with me.

And thus is the last shiny thing I can selfishly buy for a good long time. I regret nothing.

[Edit] Unashamed pimping: Funranium Labs is offering a coupon on purchases for a limited time... [/Edit]

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