Saturday, April 2, 2011

Con Job

I attended WonderCon 2011 for a few hours today.

I didn't attend any panels. I didn't watch any previews. I spent pretty much all my time wandering the dealer room, chatting with dealers, artists, and the like as well as snapping photos of various costumes.

As always happens when I'm anywhere crowded, I got slammed with a claustrophobic anxiety attack a couple of minutes before my friends texted/called me to tell me they were in line to see Berkeley Breathed.

Yes. Berkeley Breathed. The guy who did "Bloom County" and "Opus".

Did I rouse myself there? No, I sat in a corner to rest my foot (still hurts) and try to deal with the crowd-anxiety thing.

Didn't really work. I decided to take a break and walked off to get lunch at a local sports bar.

There were other Con attendees with the same idea. One of them was Batman.

It's disconcerting to see Batman slamming the pints.

A burger and some beers later, I felt relaxed and returned to WonderCon for about an hour-ish more. By that point it was getting truly insane.

And I was done.

I left with four t-shirts, two CDs, a small bundle of comic books, and a lightsaber.

Yes. A lightsaber.

I carried the lightsaber back on BART, too. That was awesome. All those BART riders looking but trying so very hard not to look.

Their envy (or fear or disgust) was delicious to me.

Damn but I'm tired.

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