Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday already?

Well that was a packed weekend. A fair amount of it was debauchery and that puts the weekend solidly in the "good" category.

Sake and beer before Friday's Your Highness showing. Saturday was almost entirely the Firkin Fest beer tasting to-do.

Sunday was not so much of the crazy. It was cozy family stuff, but that's good. My battered liver needed a rest.

Somewhere along the way, I obtained a zombie ninja Mez-Itz from ThinkGeek.

He holds a place of honor on my work PC, guarding the chaos of my desk from... um... something. Order? Cleanliness? I dunno.

I realize I work among my people when people immediate take note of him when they wander by. It says a lot about my co-workers that they can notice a ninja (though the zombie part probably helps... it's the smell).

It's funnier when several of my female co-workers observe zombie ninja is "cute".

Not the reaction I would have expected (at least from the ones who have voiced that observation), but life is full of little surprises.

ThinkGeek should get a pirate-robot Mez-Itz to properly do meme-battle with the zombie-ninja.