Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sharp Things: DPx HEST/F Grey Niolox

DPx HEST/F Grey Niolox. That's a hell of a name to try to write.

So I previously mentioned a DPx Gear knife I'd obtained - the Aculus. I frothed at the mouth over it and all that.

My love for the Aculus has not dimmed but a combination of events took me back to the DPx site where I browsed a bit. Then I stumbled across the HEST line of knives.

Long story short, I made another purchase. Yup. I got myself the fun-to-type DPx HEST/F Grey Niolox.

The Niolox is a lovely little knife. Great opening action with a sharp blade that's small enough to not upset too many people and still be a useful tool. It's got an interesting notch on the outside that can serve as a bottle opener (BONUS!). There's a 1/4" hex socket driver (no bit included) in the handle along with wire-strippers on the thumb grip (not something I can see myself needing but...) and finally a tungsten carbide glass breaker on the end.

The grip is comfortable and has a belt clip that allows for a deep carry in the pocket.

Yeah, I have a new favorite.

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