Friday, December 25, 2015

Review: "The Husbands of River Song" (Latest Doctor Who Xmas special)

So... yeah. The latest Doctor Who Xmas special aired.


Still there? You were warned.

I'm really tired of this tradition. I'm prefacing my review with that. I'm really tired of Xmas stories in Doctor who.

So this is kind of stand-up comedy instead of a proper Doctor Who episode.

The Doctor is hanging out on some planet in the 51st century (which looks remarkably un-advanced, but let's move on). A weird bald guy recruits the Doctor thinking he's a surgeon. The bald guy is working for River Song, who does not recognize the Doctor. She needs a surgeon to remove a diamond from the brain of her husband, Hydroflax, the cyborg king of some empire. She wants to kill the king to steal back the diamond to sell it off.

There's some craziness and the Doctor and River make off with Hydroflax's head.

Turns out Hydroflax's body is a killer robot that takes the heads of others in its pursuit of River and the Doctor.

There's some shenanigans. River steals the TARDIS with the Doctor in it. They pop over to a spaceship where River plans to sell the diamond and... much craziness happens. The whole time, the Doctor and River are mixing while she has no idea that he's the Doctor.

They're cornered and then the Doctor tips off River and there's much um... yeah. Stuff.

Then... the conclusion. Overall pros:
  • The Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston dynamic.
  • Some funny bits.
  • The sonic screwdriver.
  • A somewhat satisfying conclusion to the River Song story.
Overall cons:
  • The Sonic Sunglasses again????
  • Sonic Trowell?
  • The utterly nonsensical plot.

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