Thursday, December 31, 2015

Good-bye 2015. Hello 2016.

Well, in less than 6 hours, California will cross into 2016.

I'm curious to see what 2016 has in-store. Stability? Instability? Will we get the torrential rains of El Niño that are anticipated? Will that assclown, Trump, be the GOP candidate? Will the fates laugh and let that jackass get elected? Will we wind up in another war? Will we wake up and change things?

Guess we'll find out. Time to figure out what movies I want to end 2015 with then figure out which bottle to tap.

Happy New Year and all that.


Chris Peterson said...

I know it has more planners in store, for one of us at least!

Chris Peterson said...

I know exactly what it has in store for one of us: more planners!

Happy new year regardless of the cosmic terror that implies.

Aaron Britton said...

Well to start off the year right, go to (yes syfy) and watch the first 4 free episodes of The Expanse. Holy Shit is it good.