Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Update fever

I'm overdue sharing brain farts. So...
  • Saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier. For the second time. The first time barely counts, as it was kind of a... messy... day. Either way, I loved the film. That was a solid, awesome, action flick. Love the movie take on the Falcon. Hail Hydra!
  • Otherwise spent the weekend in meltdown mode. Took a half-day on Friday to decompress and spent the whole weekend pretty much doing as little as I could manage. It was oddly not-helpful. Had a low-grade buzz of anxiety that damaged my calm the entire time. Really didn't get my head space together until early Monday morning and I'm still a little fried.
  • I'm sorry, but no. Just... no. Why "no"? Really? Just look at Book and River. Plus a sword? Really? No.
  • Okay, time to pimp something: The Quickey Multi-Tool. You've got about 20 days left to get in on this Indiegogo. This is one clever little idea.
Oh, if you've already seen Frozen then:

You're welcome.

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